Clinical Data eXchange

What is CDX?

CDX is a clinical document distribution service developed by Interior Health. Northern Health and Interior Health have collaborated to facilitate the sharing of Health Authority clinical documents to provider EMR systems using this service. This system also allows EMR to EMR exchange.


Benefits of CDX

The advantages of the CDX distribution service are;
  • Timely delivery of your patient's lab results from IH and NH
  • Timely treatment of patients’ health issues leading to reduction in complications
  • Informed decision making
  • More comprehensive patient medical history
  • Improve the usefulness of the result data in the EMR
  • Provide a more flexible platform so that other clinical documents can be added to the system in the future
  • Implement standard rendering (view) of clinical documents regardless of the software being used by the physician/clinician
  • Minimal redesign required for EMR Software to accommodate delivery of additional types of clinical documents


Vision for CDX

 Provincial platform to safely and securely enable standards based meaningful health information exchange.  ​

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